Store History

On February 1, 1926 Harvie Ingold became a business partner with his brother-in-law Jesse Heiser. They named their grocery store Heiser and Ingold. Dale Ingold joined his father and uncle in the Heiser and Ingold grocery store in 1948. He played the role of grocery buyer for many years, while he and wife Roberta continued to grow the family business. Jesse Heiser and Harvie Ingold both retired on January 1, 1983 and on this same date Dale’s son, Steven Ingold and wife Belinda became partners with Dale. With Ingold father and son owning the store they decided a name change would be appropriate. In 1983, the store known as Heiser and Ingold became Ingold’s Grocery. After 53 successful years in the grocery business Dale Ingold retired on January 1, 2001. Continuing the family tradition, Dale’s daughter, Diana, and husband David Wilkinson joined in the Ingold’s Grocery firm taking over Dale’s portion of the store and becoming partners with Steven and Belinda Ingold. The brother-sister team, along with their spouses, continue to own and run the store today. In addition to the Ingold family, many dedicated and amazing people have and continue to work for Ingold’s Grocery. We consider each of them a member of our family and are very appreciative of their time, efforts and the many ways they have previously and do presently touch our lives. Though the present location of Ingold’s Grocery, 101 S. Third Street, has remained the same since the store belonged to Heiser and Ingold in 1926, it has endured many changes throughout its history. Ingold’s Grocery has been passed down among 3 generations and has grown in square footage, hours of operation and goods sold. We have seen Fisher grow and flourish, and we are thankful to be a mainstay in this community. We would like to thank all of you for the love, support and encouragement you have shown us for the past 84 years! We would not be here today without you, and the many blessings the good Lord has given us. We feel blessed and fortunate to have a ‘family owned and operated store’ and look forward to serving you, and this community we call home, for many more years!